About us

Hi there humans and other cats around the world!

We are Lars and Odin, two Bengal cats from Holland.
We both were born at  Cattery Spotselot in Nijmegen, Holland.

O wait......Mom says she would finish this page so we can play.
She doesn't have to say that twice!
Purrrs for now but we will be back!

Yes I think it would be wise to let me finish this part guys!
Let me introduce myself before I go on telling the story about Lars and Odin.

I am Jennifer, 31 years old and I live with my husband and 2 children in Zevenaar, Holland.
I love cats, and I fell in love with the Bengal breed as long as I know they exist.
We've red a lot of information about the Bengal before we decided to go for this beautiful breed. 
Because a Bengal is NOT like a normal cat, just so you al know!
If you are thinking about getting a Bengal, please read as much as you can about the breed and find a good Cattery!
Now lets get back to Lars and Odin.

Lars Lebadel of Spotselot

Queen Ann Cats Sagirah

Glitterglam Hot Spot

Lars 4 weeks old

Lars 9 months old

Lars was born on the 25th of March 2011 at Cattery Spotselot.
He was named after the drummer of Metallica.
Lars is a very sweet Bengal Cat.
He loves to be petted, and lay on your lap.
He is very vocal when it is feeding time or if he wants attention.
Although he was here first, he lets Odin be the boss of him!

Odin of Spotselotica

Lopend Vuur Benoni Nina


Odin 4 weeks old

Odin 5 months

Odin was born on the 3th of August 2011 at Cattery Spotselot.
Odin is much more naughty then Lars is.
He does not liked to be picked up , but he loves to cuddle and lay beside you.
Odin loves food!!
Doesn't matter to him what he is eating as long as he can chew and swallow it.
He is also very vocal when it's feeding time.
Odin is almost as big as Lars is but Lars is 4 months older!

Well, I think I introduced my 2 men pretty well and I hope that you all are going to follow our site.
Most of the time I will write in the cats perspective, but sometimes I will write a blog as myself.
I hope you will enjoy the blog of Lars and Odin.


Flamincatdesigns said...

Beautiful babies from beautiful parents :) You are lucky to have such a nice set of photos of all of them.

Swami Zoe said...

My, you are so handsome! Me-Ommmmm